Yes, the work is continuing on the site. As I drive down Locust, I noticed recently when parking lots were created, berms were added. At our Eastern site, we are also putting in berms. So, why do we have berms? Berms are part of a bufferyard. According to the Davenport Municipal Code, a bufferyard is a “unit of yard together with the planting required thereon.” They are designed to lessen the nuisance value of adjacent land use whether it is between one land use and another or land use and a public road. Nuisance can include noise, glare of lights, parking areas, odor, signs, etc. To me it provides an attractive package. You can see in this picture the berm is beginning to take some shape. Later in the summer, we will look again to see what was planted to make it more attractive.

pre-construction-looking-south-6-17-09Looking South on the Eastern Ave site

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