Selecting CD’s

Do you like to listen to music CDs and do you have your favorite artist or song? If so, when you come into the library, you head right for the area that has your artist or album. But you are just one person. We have to decide if other patrons also like that same artist or album and then put it on our list of “popular” materials to purchase for our new branch as well as decide how many copies.  

 One way is to run a report. Each time you check out materials, our computers put a check mark against that title. These marks are saved as long as we have the item in our collection. We can then run reports to see how many times an item checks out. To get started on our collection at Eastern, we ran a report to get the top 500 titles. Since we have 12,000 titles, we had to leave off quite a few. If you have specific artists or titles you want to have us consider, please leave us a comment. Having patrons tell us what they like is another way for us to add materials to our collection.  To see if an artist you like is currently represented in our collection, just check our catalog


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