Location, location, location

When searching for a new home, the conventional wisdom is to pay attention to location, location, location.  When siting a library (or any other business) location is vitally important as well.  We’re excited about our new location in northeast Davenport.  It has easy access (just turn north on Eastern Avenue from 53rd Street); it’s close to a park and residential neighborhoods and it will be served by public transit service.  And now, we even have an address!  So while we aren’t yet receiving mail, we can tell you that Davenport Public Library’s newest address is 6000 Eastern Avenue.  We look forward to seeing you there in about 11 months.

In other news, we’ve ordered the first of the 50,000 items that will be on the shelves when the branch opens.  We’re librarians so we like a certain amount of order in our lives, so we’re starting at the beginning of the Dewey Decimal system and working our way up.

June 9, 2009 · Amy · No Comments
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