More than construction!


Actual construction is important in our new Eastern Branch and as you can see from the pictures, we are now moving the dirt. But behind the scenes, we are also working to prepare for opening the new branch. Once you step into the building, you are going to expect to see a collection of materials.  We will have the same formats you find at Fairmount and Main. These include DVDs, CDs, video games, magazines, newspapers and of course books. We have contracted with a vendor to help us get all of the items ordered, cataloged, processed and ready for the shelves on our opening day.  Picture 40,000 new materials waiting for you to take them home.

Do you get frustrated when you come to the library to check out DVDs and find the case is locked? That means you need to step away from the self check and go to the desk to get staff assistance.  We are going to be helping you as we move to new locking cases that will be opened at the checkout stations. Eastern will be our new test for this process when we change to different self-check machines. However to get prepared, we are starting to change our cases at Fairmount and Main. You will get a preview of the cases as you check out DVDs between now and the opening of Eastern. But you will still need to stop at our checkout desk and have our friendly staff open them for you.

Ever wonder what LEED means? We keep using it in all of our promotion and discussion of the new Eastern Branch.  LEED is the acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. This is a certification process that has multiple levels including certified, silver, gold and platinum.   Each level is obtained by gaining points. The points are based on using products or techniques which help to provide sustainability to our environment. For example, we can get a LEED point if we have any of the available alternative transportation to the new branch. This could include public transportation, bicycle storage and changing rooms for the staff or use of low-emitting and fuel-efficient vehicles. As the months go by, we will discuss some of the points we are getting to reach LEED certification.

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